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Aaron's Franchising Business Model

Our franchise business is simple, clean, and rewarding. We treat our customers with respect and dignity. Our typical leasing customers operate on a cash-and-carry basis; however, their needs are no different from buyers with credit.

How It Works

Black CouchThey consider such items as stereos, televisions, home furnishings, and major appliances to be necessities and not luxuries. For the millions of customers who cannot afford to purchase these products outright, Aaron's franchise stores have become a valued neighbor and a trusted retailer for these durable goods.

Franchising Opportunity

ComputersThat is one of the truly rewarding aspects of operating an Aaron's franchise store. If you have ever dreamed of owning a business that enhances the lives of others, Aaron's is like no other. Click here to learn Your Aaron's Franchise Advantage as an Aaron's franchise owner.