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The Aaron's Franchise Selection Process

Your investment in Aaron's is really an investment in yourself. Our selection process is designed so that you and Aaron's have ample time and information to make an informed business decision.

  1. An initial phone interview to review the Aaron's franchise opportunity, to discuss your ability to meet our financial requirements, and to chart next steps.
  2. Complete the Preliminary Profile Form.
  3. Schedule a day to visit our Atlanta corporate headquarters for a presentation on the Aaron's franchise opportunity. Click here and learn more about your Discovery Day experience.
  4. Receive our Franchise Disclosure Document and sign the Acknowledgement of Receipt Form as required by the Federal Trade Commission.
  5. Conduct your due diligence: understand the limitations and potential of the franchise.
  6. Develop a simple business plan that will enable you to make the right decision and to secure adequate financing, if necessary.
  7. We mutually will determine if our Aaron's franchise business is right for you and you are right for Aaron's.
  8. Award the franchise. Congratulations!

If you are awarded a franchise, you will benefit in many ways by partnering with Aaron's - an international organization dedicated to helping you grow and realize maximum return on your investment.