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Meet Aaron's Franchise Owner, Todd Wilkins

Owner Testimonial

"When I took a look at Aaron's, I took a very hard look. Like a good CPA, I compared their ROI to every other business and franchise I could find and there was no comparison. Then I talked to their corporate folks, shopped their stores, and visited with their franchisees.

"After college, I got my CPA and went to work for one of the big-name accounting firms. I never saw myself owning a lease-to-own franchise, but when I compared Aaron's to other franchise businesses, I could see that Aaron's was different.

"It's a Great Lifestyle"


"With my Aaron's stores, I have family-friendly hours, manageable employees, and satisfied customers: we give a growing segment of the market an opportunity to purchase necessities like furniture, appliances, electronics and computers. I know we're fulfilling an important need.

"If you have an entrepreneurial itch to scratch, I encourage you to look at the franchise concept that has given me fulfillment and helped to secure my family's future. I'm proud to say that I'm an Aaron's franchise owner.

"Take That First Step Like I Did"

Aaron's Franchise Conference

"To get started, you'll need to click on and complete the Aaron's confidential Preliminary Profile. It's easy and once you do, Greg Tanner with the Aaron's franchise sales team will follow up to answer any questions. He will take good care of you. One thing to note: to qualify for an Aaron's franchise, you'll need to have at least a net worth of $500K of which $350K is liquid. If you meet the financial requirements, then complete the profile and learn what I've learned—an Aaron's franchise can be a very rewarding career opportunity. I wish you the best whatever your decision. And, I hope that someday you'll feel as good about your decision as I do mine."